Quality politics




“Sistemes Electrònics Progrés, S.A” must increasingly mean a synonym of quality and service in agricultural and farming electronics.

In order to get it, the Direction of the company will provide it with the required human, technical and management resources.

Furthermore, a special attention will be given to the technological innovation, employees’ motivation and to customer satisfaction.

To the technological innovation: vetting for a constant process of innovation search to create new products or improve the existing ones, in order to always satisfy the needs of a changing market.

To employees’ motivation: for them to be actively involved in the quality projects and continuous improvement of the company, as well as in the achievement of all the defined objectives, trying at the same time, that everyone feels comfortable.

To customer satisfaction: identifying their needs, satisfying them with a suitable cost and trying always to improve what they expect in relation with the supplied product, the related services and the company who manufactures it: Sistemes Electrònics Progrés, S.A.

Progrés is committed to meet the requirements of other interested parties and the applicable regulatory and legal requirements, and to continuously improve the Quality Management System.

This policy will be periodically reviewed to verify that it continues to be adequate, and it is available to the interested parties.