Agrónic 2500

Agrónic 2500

One of the most complete controllers for fertigation.

It controls irrigation, fertilization, pumping and filter cleaning.

It detects faults and creates a chronological registry of performed events.

Totally configurable, with multiple possibilities of use.



The Agrónic 2500 is a complete controller for the control of irrigation and fertilization, totally configurable and with multiple possibilities of use, communication and extension.

Equipped for irrigation control, fertilization, pumping and filter cleaning, with fault detection and detailed chronological recording of events and historical accumulation.

Models with 9, 18 and 27 configurable outputs, plus 6 digital inputs in the base, in addition to various versions and options.

Extensions for the reading of 2 analog sensors in the base or through the AgroBee radio system for more inputs and outputs, up to the limits of 30 irrigation sectors, 2 motors, 4 fertilizers and agitators, 1 general fertilizer, 9 filters, 1 general filter, 20 digital sensors, 10 count sensors and 40 analog sensors.

Programming by time and volume, both in irrigation and fertilization and in filter cleaning, with the possibility of independent actions in each program.

By means of climatic or crop sensors, it is possible to influence the starting and stopping conditions or the irrigation and fertilizer units.

Remote management through Agrónic APP, Agrónic Web, SMS messages, as well as link to PC for three users.

Totally scalable from the basic model, with a great ease of use, to add the total options to reach a high performance model.


The controller has several models depending on the type of power supply and the type of output, and their number.

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Choose between the wall box format, for installation anywhere, or the build-in format for placement in cabinets.


Choose between the Basic Version with the default features of the controller, or the Plus Version with a notable increase in features.

FeaturesThese are the available features of the controller


Irrigates up to 30 sectors administered by 50 programs

With each program you can activate 1 to 4 sectors in parallel, limit the simultaneous action of sectors between several programs, start irrigation by hours and days of the week, by activations or at the end of another program creating irrigation sequences.
Select the period of the year that the program should be operative, the active schedule and a time margin between starts.
In each program you will be able to water with different units, by time or by volume.

Additional options in PLUS version
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Allocate up to 4 fertilizers in independent tanks

Fertilize by time, volume.
Apply the fertilizers in series, add one after the other, with a single injector for each one or in parallel, simultaneously several fertilizers at the same time, with an injector for each one.
Activates the agitators, with pre-agitation and intermittent or continuous agitation.
It configures for each program different values of pre- and post-irrigation.


The controller has 1 to 2 general irrigation outputs or engines and can be configured in each sector.

It allows configuring activation and deactivation timings and water hammer time for each of the sectors.
Optionally it allows to control a diesel engine or a generating set, with outputs for start, stop, contact. Control of the start and stop of the electric pump. Fault detection.



Configures up to 9 filters, choosing the washing time and pause between them

Starts the washing sequence by differential pressure, or by time and volume of the water circulation.
Configures the stop or start of irrigation and fertilizers while the filters are being cleaned.
Controls breakdowns by continuous cleaning.
Allows you to configure a general filter cleaning output.

Ordenes manuales


With manual commands it acts on programs, filters, breakdowns, outputs, sectors, clock, erasure of accumulations and status of the Controller.

Manually starts, stops, leaves out of service or suspends irrigation programs at certain times. It leaves the controller out of service or in general Stop.
Starts or stops filter cleaning. Ends the alarms and faults. Modifies date and time of the internal clock, change state of sectors, erase accumulations etc..

Additional options in PLUS version
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Allows 5 defined functions

3 of them for program stop (conditional, temporary, definitive), a program start and a filter cleaning start, all of them by digital inputs.

Additional options in PLUS version
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Lectura acumulados


Reading of the accumulated data and the anomalies that have occurred

The controller retains in non-erasable memory the accumulated irrigation and fertilization, in time and volume, by sector or as a whole.
It registers the anomalies with the date and time of the incidence and the related indications.

Additional options in PLUS version
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Graphic LCD display with automatic led backlightin

Languages available Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Catala

Waterproof keypad with 15-key capacitive action with acoustic keystroke indicato

PLUS version

The Plus Version offers a significant increase in performance compared to the Basic Version.
The controller can come from the factory with the option activated or it can be activated at any time due to new demands on the installation.


By means of manual commands or SMS messages you can modify the irrigation units of all the programs at the same time.
You will also be able to control the instantaneous flow and program the expected flow in each sector and assign a percentage of tolerance for both over and under.


Another type of application is added, uniform fertilization, which distributes fertilizers in parallel, for a more homogeneous distribution.
With the volume sensors, you will detect the lack of pulses or water leakage points.
You will be able to distribute the fertilizer proportionally according to the expected flow in each sector.

Determining factors

Configures 5 determining factors per program.

Ordenes manuales

In programs it allows to leave them out of service, to suspend it certain hours or to modify the counter of frequency of days or the pending activations. In the determining factors it allows to leave them out of service or to finish a definitive stop. In the sectors, to leave them in automatic or manual running or in manual stop. In the sensors it allows to enter the value of a virtual sensor.

Lectura acumulados

Record and history sections. Chronological and detailed record of each one of the events produced in the controller. Historical of the accumulated irrigation and fertilizers in time and volume applied by each sector, grouped in days in the controller and in fractions of 10 minutes in the Agrónic PC program. Historical for each analogical sensor, with the average, the maximum and minimum value of the day in the equipment and in fractions of 10 minutes in the PC. Historical of each counter sensor, with the irrigation or fertilizer value plus the leakage value in daily values or in fractions of 10 minutes in the PC. 


Programs with safety time (hh:mm) between irrigation starts to avoid continuous orders; useful when the order is given by a sensor and an incidence arises.

New format in the irrigation and fertilizer programming, in cubic meters per hectare (m3/ha) and liters per hectare (L/ha), respectively, with the controller calculating the units to be applied in each irrigation start.

Riego solar
Solar irrigation

Irrigation management in installations where solar panels are directly connected to a frequency converter to drive an irrigation pump. It also allows hybrid installations with energy from the electricity grid or from a generator. Operative with priorities for irrigation at different pressures. The radiation sensor conditions the irrigation until there is enough energy to generate the working pressure.

Pivots control

Management of up to 4 pivots with control of movement, positioning, pluviometry, autoreverse, speed control, sectoring and alarms.
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More counters and sensors

Possibility of 10 counters (up to 4 for fertilizer, a pluviometer and the rest for irrigation), plus 40 analogue and 20 digital sensors.

External modules

Radio modules for the activation of valves and other irrigation elements, as well as the reading of sensors and counters.

The AgroBee-L modules work with LoRa radio modulation, which operates in the free bands of 868 MHz, 433 MHz and 915 MHz, obtaining coverage radios of up to 2500 m between two points (depending on the orography).

They are the best solution to save costs as a substitute for the cable, to avoid incidents typical of the microtube installation, to overcome obstacles, to expand sectors, to carry out temporary installations, etc.

Their low consumption allows them to operate with solar panel integrated in the module, storing the energy in the supercapacitors or battery (depending on model), offering a long operating life.

Currently the AgroBee-L modules can be incorporated to the fertigation controllers Agrónic 2500, Agrónic 5500 and Agrónic Bit Con.

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Expand your programme features thanks to these options.


(Agrónic APP + Agrónic Web)

License to connect with the Progrés cloud.


PC + Cloud

(Agrónic PC + Agrónic APP + Agrónic Web)

License to connect up to 3 PCs/Servers through GPRS or Wifi. Or to connect 1 PC/Server through USB, RS485 or Radiolink.

GPRS LINK / SMS messages

Option to link with Agrónic PC, Agrónic APP or Agrónic Web by GPRS, and/or receive SMS messages from the controller


Option to link with Agrónic PC, Agrónic APP or Agrónic Web by WiFi router.


Option to link with Agrónic PC by cable.


Option to link with Agrónic PC by radio

RS485 link for PC

Serial port to connect with Agronic PC with communication box RS485.


Option to link with AgroBee-L 868 MHz, 915 MHz and 433 MHz external modules


Option to link AgroBee-L 868 MHz, 915 MHz and 433 MHz external modules with GPRS modem included on the same board


Option to link with AgroBee 868 MHz and 915 MHz external modules


Connector for 2 analog inputs

SDI-12 extension and 4 analog inputs

Board to incorporate 8 sensors with SDI-12 protocol + 4 analog 4-20mA sensors

5 digital inputs

Connector for 5 digital inputs


Option to control the position, direction of movement, speed, start, stop, etc. up to a maximum of 4 pivots.


Option for the automatic start of a motorpump or generator set.


These are the accessories available for this controller.



9 or 18 digital outputs expandable to 27.
Relay or latch outputs with 2 or 3 wires.
Power supply at 12 Vdc.
Outputs for 12 Vdc or 24 Vac.
Double voltage


30 sectors.
50 irrigation programs.
20 digital sensors.
40 analog sensors.
10 sensors counters.
50 Determining factors.
4 fertilizers (application in series, parallel or uniform).
9 cleaning filters in a group.
Automatic start and stop of diesel engine.


The Agrónic 2500 complies with the CE marking directives.

The products manufactured by Progrés enjoy a guarantee of two years against any manufacturing defect.

Compensation for direct and indirect damage caused by the use of the controller is excluded from the guarantee.

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