Agrónic Smart

Agrónic Smart

Ideal irrigation controller for use on

small land parcels and in gardens


Agrónic Smart

Highlighted features

Agrónic Smart is a versatile, robust and user-friendly irrigation controller.

It has numerous programming and adaptation possibilities.


It doesn’t have a keyboard or screen and is programmed and configured using a phone app, with a wireless connection at up to 50 metres. 


As it offers a very high degree of protection against the elements, it does not require an auxiliary box.


Uses two long-lasting alkaline batteries.


You won’t need to use garden controllers for agriculture anymore!

The features of Agrónic Smart are above standard for gardening:


10 sectores

Up to 10


5 horarios

5 different schedules

in the same program

Riego de más de un sector a la vez

Permits irrigation of more

than one sector at once

Activación de un sector en programas diferentes

Activation of a sector

on different programs

Secuencia alterna de sectores

Alternating sector sequence

(in the Plus version)


1 output for fertilizer

control (in the Plus version)

Tiempo de fertilización

Different fertilization time

for each sector

Activación de una válvula general

Activation of a

general output

Condiciones de inicio y paro

Irrigation start and stop


Contadores de riego, fertilizante o lluvia

Irrigation, fertilizer

or rain meters

Consulta del acumulado y caudal actual

Ability to view totals

and current flow

Configuración de golpe de ariete

Configuration of

water hammer

¿How does it work?These are the available features of the controller



The same schedule can start irrigation at five different times in one day.

More than one sector can be watered at the same time by grouping up to 10 sectors in the same schedule, or activated by different schedules.

The plus version of the equipment has an alternate sequence, to start with a different sector each time the schedule starts.

Programación sin conexión

Offline scheduling

Would you like to make adjustments to the schedule when you're not near the scheduler?

The application allows you to schedule anytime, anywhere even if you're not connected to the scheduler.

When the scheduler reconnects with the application, it will ask if you want to program the new schedule or maintain the previous one.


Fertiliser, general and water hammer control

You can activate a general schedule and, if needed, set a water hammer time to avoid breaking the pipes.

Or the sectors can be left open a few seconds longer after the general schedule.

There is an output for fertiliser control (in the plus version) and a different fertilisation time can be set for each sector and schedule.

Condiciones inicio y paro

Start and stop conditions

Irrigation start and stop conditions can be set through the two digital inputs. Useful for:

If a sensor detects that a valve does not open or there is a pipe break, the scheduler will stop the sector and activate the next one.

If the well runs out of water, a sensor connected to the controller will detect it and stop until the level rises again.

acciones manuales

Manual actions

The direct action buttons can be used to change the status of a schedule, a sector or the equipment.

Schedules: stop the current schedule, water manually, suspend for a certain time or leave the schedule out of service if it is not needed and save the information.

Equipment: it can be stopped or left out of service for a configured time.

Sector: the sector can be stopped or watered manually.


The plus version offers two additional features compared to the basic version.

The scheduler can have the option activated from the factory or it can be activated at any time due to new installation requirements.

secuencia alterna
Alternating sequence

Each time the schedule starts, it will do so in a different sector, in accordance with the defined sequence.


Use fertiliser and specify fertilisation time for each sector in the schedule sequence.

Download app

Download the application for android or iphone mobile devices


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Summary of benefits


10 sectors, or 8 sectors with general and fertilizer outputs.

Specification of time for water hammer and “stop by sector”


5 programs

10 sectors/program

Grouping of sectors: various sectors (up to 10) may be grouped into the same program to irrigate at the same time

Specification of irrigation and fertilization time for each sector

5 start hours per program

Irrigation on specific days or by frequency of days

Start based on schedule, manually or by digital input

2 digital inputs

Irrigation meter/fertilizer/rain gauge: ability to view current totals and flow

Digital sensor: temporary stop, conditional stop, start program


Controller for "latch" type solenoid valves.

2-wire, 2-inverted-wire and 3-wire outputs

Output activation voltage may be selected from: 13V, 19V, 5V (4700 μF condenser)


The Agrónic Smart complies with the CE marking directives.

The products manufactured by Progrés enjoy a guarantee of two years against any manufacturing defect.

Compensation for direct and indirect damage caused by the use of the controller is excluded from the guarantee.

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