Agrónic Radio


Agrónic Radio

The Agrónic Radio is a telecontrol system

for solenoid activation and reading

of counters and remote sensors via radio.

EAR characteristics

The Agrónic Radio is a telecontrol system that works with radio frequency per free band 433 MHz, can reach a maximum distance of 2.8 km, depending on orography. 

The system consists of an Agrónic Radio Link (EAR), with a capacity of up to 60 Agrónic Radio Modules (MAR).

Available models with Ni-Mh batteries and lithium batteries. In the case of Ni-Mh batteries, solar panel will be necessary.

Applicable to the Agrónic Net, Agrónic 4000 and Agrónic 7000, and also to other control equipment such as PLC or PLC, for working with the Modbus protocol.

MAR characteristics


Power supply with lithium batteries of an estimated duration of more than 4 years, or with a 2W solar panel.

Range distances from 1.2 km to 2.4 km with the use of 1 repeater.

Polling of communication in 1 minute to communicate with the 60 MAR using up to 99 self-adjusting communication channels.

It is possible to work with latch solenoids of 2 and 3 wires.

It has programs and security slots in case of loss of communication, which allows it to have autonomy to comply with the programmed risks.


The modules can be 4, 10 and up to 16 digital outputs with their respective digital inputs, in addition to all having 2 analog inputs:

  • MAR4-42:
    • 4 x 2-wire latch solenoids (or 2 x 3-wire)
    • 4 counters or digital sensors
    • 2 analogue sensors
  • MAR10-102:
    • 10 2-wire latch solenoids (or 5 3-wire solenoids)
    • 10 counters or digital sensors
    • 2 analogue sensors
  • MAR16-162:
    • 16 2-wire latch solenoids (or 8 3-wire solenoids)
    • 16 counters or digital sensors
    • 2 analogue sensors





The Agrónic Radio complies with the CE marking directives.

The products manufactured by Progrés enjoy a guarantee of two years against any manufacturing defect.

Compensation for direct and indirect damage caused by the use of the controller is excluded from the guarantee.

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