Agrónic APP

Agrónic APP

Agrónic APP

Application for mobiles that allows to manage from any place the irrigation and fertilization of the plots where an Agrónic 2500, Agrónic 4000 v3, Agrónic 5500, Agrónic 7000 and Agrónic Bit controller is installed


To be able to manage a controller from the Agrónic APP, you must first register in the cloud



Download the application



Detailed information

of the state of programs, sectors, fertilizers, sensors, conditioners, nebulizations and water mixture.

Accumulated history

daily sector and sensor counters, and daily average of all analog sensor readings.


to better visualize the daily accumulations of sectors and sensors.

Registration of events and anomalies 

that have occurred on the controller.

Manual orders

direct to start or stop, leave out of service or stop programs, sectors, conditions, nebulizations and controller in general.


in the mobile status bar to warn of important records, even if the application is not in use.

How does it work?Discover all the features of the application

Consult the general state of the controller

Summary information on the total number of connected controllers

Information on the state of the listed plots

Agrónic APP

Quick visualisation of faults and anomalies

Information on the state of the plots on map

Agrónic APP

With the color code, you know the state of the plots or sectors

Consult the general condition of a plot

Agrónic APP

Displays, on a single screen, the status of the plot, the sectors and programs under irrigation and whether it has anomalies or faults

Information, management and editing of programmes

Agrónic APP

With color coding you know which programs and sectors are in irrigation or manual action

Direct manual actions to controllers and sectors

Agrónic APP

Changes the status of the program and sectors on the spot

Conditioner status information

Agrónic APP

With the color code knows which conditions are acting

Nebulization Information and editing

Agrónic APP

Information on its condition, set values and actual temperature and humidity

(available for A5500)

Information on the state of the water mixture

Agrónic APP

Information on the status, the value of the valves and the EC reference and actual value

(available for A5500 and A7000).

Fertilizer condition Information

Agrónic APP

Knows the program that is using water mixture or fertilization

(available for A5500 and A7000)

Graphical reports of plots and sectors

Agrónic APP

Detailed graphs to better visualize the daily accruals

Notification by mobile phone

Agrónic APP

Knows important records instantly through notifications in the mobile status bar

Steps to be followedto use the Agrónic APP

Controllers and options
The Agrónic APP is available for the Agrónic 2500, Agrónic 4000 v3, Agrónic 5500, Agrónic 7000 and Agrónic Bit.
  •  The controllers must have the option “GPRS link”, “WiFi link” or “Ethernet”.

If the option is “GPRS link”, you must also have a SIM card with an M2M contract so that the controller can connect.

In order to facilitate the configuration steps of the controller, with the purchase of the option, we deliver inside the controller a M2M SIM card with Movistar coverage.

See prices and modalities of the card.


  • In addition, they must have the option “Web Platform” or the option “Agrónic PC Program” activated”.

Configure the controller
Depending on the option, the configurations are different
  • For controllers with option "GRPS link" consult here:



  • For controllers with option “WiFi” or “Ethernet” consult the controller’s communications manual.

Register a controller in the cloud
The cloud is a data storage service through the internet that we use to store data from the controllers and be able to access it through the Agrónic APP and the Agrónic Web indistinctly.

Storing an controller in the cloud has an annual fee. See prices


Register a controller in the cloud


The steps to register a controller in the cloud are:

  • Create an account: It is necessary to create an account in order to register the controller in the cloud. To do this, you will need to log in to  and create an account in the “New Customer” section. If you have already registred before, you will need to log in to “Returning Customer”.

  • Type of account: In the form to create a new account, you will need to select the type of account you want to use: basic or professional.

  • Register the controller: Once inside the account, in the section “Registering controller in the cloud” you will be able to register the controller.

  • Validate data: Once the registration is accepted, we will validate the information provided and if everything is correct within 24 hours (working days) you will receive an email confirming the registration of the controller in the cloud.



Download the Agrónic APP application
Download the application for free through the APP Store for iPhone mobile phones or from Google Play for Android phones.

With the username and password created in the previous step, you will be able to access the Agrónic APP and manage your controller remotely.


The annual fee for registering the first team to the cloud is 50 €/year.

The more devices you register, the lower the price per device.


If your equipment has the GPRS modem option and you want to use the SIM card supplied by default in the equipment, the price increases by 35 €/year without SMS and 60 €/year with SMS in Spain.

Other countries included 55 €/year without SMS and 100 €/year with 20 SMS/month.

Use Progrés SIM card?
Professional account?
From 1st to 3rd controller uploaded
50 /
From 4th to 6th controller uploaded
45 /
From 7th to 10th controller uploaded
40 /
From 11th to 25th controller uploaded
35 /
From 26th to 50th controller uploaded
30 /
From the 51st controller uploaded
25 /
Simulador de precios

Calcula con nuestro simulador de precios el coste final de dar de alta tus equipos en la nube.

How many equipments do you want to register?
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Download the APP

Download the application for free through the APP Store for

iPhone mobile phones or from Google Play for Android phones.

Register equipment

Register your equipment in the cloud from 50€/year and manage them anytime, anywhere from your mobile with the Agrónic APP application, or through your computer's browser or tablet with the Agrónic Web.