Agrónic Net I

Agrónic Net I

Systems and controller for telecontrol and remote management

of irrigation communities and large farms,

with communication between the central units and

by means of monocable system, radio controller and GPRS. 

For small communities of up to 320 users



Agrónic Net is a system for remote control and remote management of irrigation in irrigation communities, parks, gardens and farms. Its multiple program options, communication and field modules make it a fully customizable and always evolving system.

The Agrónic Net I system consists of:


Agrónic Net I with cabinet

+ Agrónic Radio Link option

or Single-Wire Link

Agrónic Net

Agrónic Net I / PC

External module

Agrónic Radio (EAR) or

Agrónic Monocable (EAM)

Concentrator Agrónic Net IThese are the characteristics of the concentrator

The Agrónic Net I concentrator is an autonomous controller of the control center

that governs the system and allows the control of all the elements that a community can have:

hydrants, motors, frequency converters, filters, fertilizers,

general counters, motorized valves, ponds, wells, etc.


Optimize available water resources, applying the most efficient irrigation schedule:

By frequency, irrigation schedules, by demand, by endowment, by sensors, etc.

Read the status of the different irrigation valves at all times, as well as their instant and accumulated consumption.

Create different groupings of valves, being able to assign them common characteristics and programs, as well as to distribute the available flow.

To monitor the hydric state of the crop using different sensors.



Perform fertilization by grouping or by program, by time or volume, sequential or parallel and direct or proportional.

Ordenes manuales


To control from the mobile phone the programming of the irrigation, as well as to receive any warning of incidence.

Lectura acumulados


Recording of data as

accumulated,reading of sensors, performances, etc.., to be processed, exported and displayed in graphs and synoptic through the Agrónic Net PC program or others.



Manage any element in the network: ponds, pumps, pressure regulators, motorized valves, filters, etc.

Detect pipe breaks, as well as pressure and/or flow failure.

Apply different tariffs for water consumption.

And a long etc. of possibilities of work, besides allowing the own personalization of the particular necessities of each community

Agrónic Net I / PC Program

The PC program allows that, using the programming of windows and dialog boxes, it is possible that with a simple "click" of the mouse it is possible to accede very intuitively to any point of control of the Agrónics Net I: from the management of parameters up to the programming of irrigations, going through performances in real time and all type of consultations.

The main features of the program are

Manages up to 64 controllers

Possibility of managing up to 64 Agrónic Net I units, integrating all these controllers into a single one.


Different connection possibilities: direct cable (RS-232, RS-485), modem (conventional or GSM), radio modem, etc.

Drawings and plans

Importation of drawings and plans for the monitoring of the community, being able to insert icons for a better visualization.


Consultation using synoptic fully configurable by the user. Possibility of connection to an external synoptic panel.

Export data

Export to ASCII files of accumulations, histories and invoicing, being able to deal later with spreadsheets or databases.


Listings with irrigation planning.

External modules

The Agrónic Monocable module (EAM) and the Agrónic Radio module (EAR) are the modules in charge of transferring the information between the controller and the modules located in the hydrants and vice versa by means of a standard Modbus protocol.
Communication with the controller can be carried out by means of a cable connection to an RS485 bus or to an RS232 serial port, or by radio with a radiomodem antenna at a configurable transmission speed. Each concentrator can link up to 3 EARs and 4 EAMs simultaneously.

Agronic Monocable EAM + SAI
Communication bus with 2 wires cable that allows communication and power with field modules quickly and robustly up to 10Km long, in less than 2 minutes we have the information of all modules in the central station.

System composed by an Agrónic Monocable Link (EAM) to which can be connected up to 120 Agronic Monocable Modules (MAM) of different models for the control of electrovalves, and digital and analogical sensors.

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Agrónic Radio
Telecontrol system that works with radio frequency by free band 433 MHz, can reach a maximum distance of 2.8 km, depending on orography.

The system consists of an Agrónic Radio Link (EAR), with a capacity of up to 60 Agrónic Radio Modules (MAR).

Available models with Ni-Mh batteries and lithium batteries. In the case of batteries, solar panel will be necessary.

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The Agrónic Net I complies with the CE marking directives.

The products manufactured by Progrés enjoy a guarantee of two years against any manufacturing defect.

Compensation for direct and indirect damage caused by the use of the controller is excluded from the guarantee.

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