Agrónic 4000

Agrónic 4000

The most complete programmer of conventional fertigation,

totally configurable and adaptable to the needs of each user.

Its multiple possibilities of use and extension offer to the owner

all the modalities of work available at the present time.


Agrónic 4000


The Agrónic 4000 is equipped for the control of irrigation, fertilization, pH, pumping and filter cleaning, with fault detection and possibility of remote data management via PC or mobile phone.
Models with 16, 24, 32, 48, 64, 80 and 96 configurable outputs, plus 12 digital sensors in the base. Extensions for reading analog sensors, either by direct connection to the equipment, by means of external modules Agrónic Radio or Agrónic Monocable.
Programming by time and volume, both in irrigation and fertilization and in filter cleaning, with the possibility of mixed actions (independent for each subprogram).
It offers, by means of climatic or cultivation sensors, to influence the starting conditions or the irrigation and fertilizer units.


The programmer has several models depending on the type of power supply and the type of output, and their number.


Choose between the wall box format, for installation anywhere, or the embedded format for placement in cabinets.

FeaturesThese are the available features of the controller


It controls up to 99 irrigation sectors governed by 35 sequential programs, with 12 subprograms in each sequence (total 420), and the possibility of chaining programs to make sequences of 24, 36, or more subprograms.

Each program can start its action at a specific time, at the end of another program, when a sensor reaches a certain value (T°C, soil moisture, etc.), by a sensor when closing a contact, by mobile phone via short message (SMS) and also choose by days of the week, by irrigation frequency (water every day, every 2 days, every 3 days, etc.) or irrigate each day with several activations. You can also indicate the period of the year in which it should be operational and an active schedule. At a start with sensors you can select a time margin between starts.

Allows you to group programs into groups (up to 8 groups) to organize irrigation and only irrigate one program at a time for each group.



Configurable from 0 to 8 fertilizers, in independent tanks.

Independent pre- and post-irrigation values for each program.
The time or volume to apply each of the fertilizers is programmable independently for each subprogram.
The use or not of the agitators can be configured, with pre-agitation and intermittent or followed agitation.
The fertilizers can be applied in series, parallel and uniformly.
The circuit of each injector can be automatically cleaned with water at the end of fertilization.
With the "pH control" option, you can regulate by injecting acid or base with an independent reference value for each subprogram. With alarm values for excess and defect in the reading of pH and in the electrical conductivity (EC).
Possibility of choosing to carry out pH control in pre- and post-irrigation



It has 1 to 4 general irrigation outputs that can be assigned to sectors, with independent activation and deactivation timings.

The general nº 1 by means of the "pressure regulation option" can give an analogical output 0-20 or 4-20 mA to connect it to a frequency variator and maintain a pressure in the independent irrigation pipe for each sector.

Optionally control of a diesel engine or generator set, with outputs for start, stop, contact and preheating. Control of the starting and stopping of the electric pumps.

Mezcla dos aguas


Each irrigation sector can be assigned to one of the 4 possible volumetric counters to irrigate in litres or m3. It allows 8 fertilizer counters configurable in liters, deciliters or centiliters.

By setting a planned flow per sector, it is possible to distribute the accumulated volume of irrigation and fertilizer for each sector and an instantaneous flow control for each sector with a percentage of tolerance for both excess and defect.



It allows to configure up to four groups of independent filters, with the following values:

No limit to the number of filters to be used in each group.
Two washing times for each group of filters.
Pause time between filters.
The start of the washing can be by the differential pressure and/or by the time or volume of water circulation.
Stop or not of the sectors when cleaning.
Assignment of generals and counters.
Control of continuous cleaning.


The programmer allows 11 different types of defined determining factors, with the option of configuring up to 4 that can affect the same irrigation program, for example:

Start irrigation by solar energy, humidity or water content in soil, temperature (anti-freeze) _Stop irrigation by wind, modify irrigation units and fertilizers by radiation, rain, ETo, etc..
These determining factors help to adapt the fertirrigation immediately to the climatic variations suffered by the crops.

Ordenes manuales


With manual orders it modifies programs, filters, breakdowns, etc.

Manually starts, stops, leaves out of service or suspends irrigation programs at certain times. 
It leaves the programmer out of service or in general Stop.
Starts or stops filter cleaning.
Ends alarms and breakdowns

Lectura acumulados


It has always updated registry of:

Accumulations of (time and volume) individual by sectors and calculated for their set of irrigation and fertilizers, anomalies with date and time and detail of the type of anomaly, and new anomalies recorded since the last confirmation. And new anomalies registered since the last confirmation. History by days with information of the programs, filter cleaning, rain accumulation, evapotranspiration, solar radiation integration, etc. Readings of 14 analog sensors, with averages every 10 minutes with equipment connected to PC and records of instantaneous values for up to 40 sensors, more than 70 actions defined configurable as anomalies, alarms with the option of generating a warning by SMS, communications with external modules, radio or monocable and with PC/App and Web.
Reading of the accumulated ones and the happened anomalies.

The programmer retains in non-erasable memory the irrigation and fertilization accumulations, in time and volume, by sector or as a whole.

It registers the anomalies with the date and time of the incidence and the related indications.



It has three alarm outputs, each one related to events or performances.

Alarm sensor for intruder detection.

Entradas y salidas


Allows to operate with 48 connected defined digital functions, 12 at the base of the programmer and/or the rest in external modules.

Functions such as temporary/conditional/definitive stop, irrigation/fertilizer impulse counter, general breakdown, intrusion alarm, rain gauge, start of irrigation programs, diesel oil pressure switch or engine stop.

Up to a total of 40 analog sensors for instantaneous reading and 14 sensors for historical recording. Sensors connected in extensions, external modules or SMS.


Illuminated display with 2 lines of 40 characters, with internal contrast adjustment

Waterproof keypad with 23-key capacitive action with acoustic pulse indicator and "STOP" key

Languages available Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Catalan

External modules

Agronic Monocable EAM + SAI
Agrónic Monocable
Communication bus with a cable of 2 wires that allows communication and power with field modules quickly and robustly up to 10Km long, in less than 2 minutes we have the information of all modules in the central station.

System composed of an Agrónic Monocable Link (EAM) to which up to 120 Agronic Monocable Modules (MAM) of different models can be connected for the control of electrovalves, and digital and analog sensors

See product
Agrónic Radio
Agrónic Radio
Telecontrol system that works with radio frequency by free band 433 MHz, can reach a maximum distance of 2.8 km, depending on orography.

The system consists of an Agrónic Radio Link (EAR), with a capacity of up to 60 Agrónic Radio Modules (MAR).
Available models with Ni-Mh batteries and lithium batteries. In the case of batteries, solar panel will be necessary.

See product



(Agrónic APP + Agrónic Web)

License to connect with the Progrés cloud.

PC + Cloud

(Agrónic PC + Agrónic APP + Agrónic Web)

License to connect up to 3 PCs/Servers through GPRS. Or to connect 1 PC/Server through USB, RS232, RS485 or Radiomodem controller.


Option to connect to Agrónic PC, Agrónic APP or Agrónic Web via GPRS, and/or receive SMS messages from the equipment.


Option to connect to Agrónic PC via cable.


Serial port to connect to Agrónic Monocable, Agrónic Radio and Agrónic PC with cable or GSM modem.


Option to send and receive SMS messages.


Serial port to connect to Agrónic Monocable, Agrónic Radio and Agrónic PC with RS485 + USB junction box.

Agrónic Radio

Option to connect to external modules Agrónic Radio.

Agrónic Monocable

Option to connect to external modules Agrónic Monocable.


Board with 6 analogue inputs and 5 analogue / pulsed outputs. Possibility of adding a second board.


Card with 6 analog inputs and 5 analog / pulsed outputs


Option to regulate water pH and EC


Option for starting the generator set and electropump.


Ideal option for the automatic start of a engine pump or a generating set.

Water pressure regulation

It allows regulating pressures for each sector.

Determining Factors

Option to condition actions in the programs, mainly with the use of sensors.

RS232 and RS485 ports extension




16 digital outputs expandable to 96 plus 12 digital sensors.
Double voltage.
6 analog inputs expandable to 12.
Relay or latch outputs with 2 or 3 wires.
Power supply at 12 Vdc and 220 Vac and outputs for 12 Vdc or 24 Vac.


99 sectors.
35 irrigation programs of up to 12 sectors each.
48 digital sensors.
40 analog sensors.
12 counters sensors (4 irrigation and 8 fertilizers).
11 types of determining factors.
8 fertilizers (EC or uniform fertilization).
2 acid or base.
8 cleaning filters in a group.
Automatic start and stop of diesel engine.


The Agrónic 4000 complies with the CE marking directives.

The products manufactured by Progrés enjoy a guarantee of two years against any manufacturing defect.

Compensation for direct and indirect damage caused by the use of the controller is excluded from the guarantee.

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