Agrónic Filtros

Agrónic Filtros

Controller for automatic cleaning of filter batteries

with different starting and acting possibilities



The Agrónic Filtros is a controller for the automatic cleaning of filter batteries with different starting and actuation possibilities.

There are 3 different models depending on the number of filters to control: for 6, 12 and 18 filters. The models of 6 and 12 filters can be extended at any time, up to 18, sending them to the factory.

Cleaning of the filters can be started:

By "pressure drop": acting whenever the controller receives the signal from a differential pressure switch that controls the pressure drop between the inlet and outlet of the filters, as a result of dirt accumulated in them.

By "volume": acting each certain volume of filtered water. In this case, the controller must receive signals from a volumetric pulse emitter.

By "time": acting every certain time of water circulation through the filters (for which, the controller needs to receive the corresponding external signal). By combining the "pressure drop" with the "filtered volume" or "elapsed time", with which a minimum periodic cleaning is guaranteed, if it has not been necessary before due to unforeseen accumulation of dirt.


The controller has 3 different models depending on the number of filters to control (6, 12 and 18 filters).


Choose between the wall box format, for installation anywhere, or the build-in format for placement in cabinets.

FeaturesThese are the available features of the controller



Once the cleaning command is detected, the controller will sequentially (one after the other) activate the various connected filters. The cleaning duration of each filter can be programmed independently.

There is a timing that affects all filters equally: it is the pause between filters. This timing is important to recover pressures in the network and to avoid overlaps in the hydraulic valves.

In a manual way, by means of the controller, a cleaning sequence can be started or stopped, as well as starting or stopping any of the outputs. It is also possible to put the controller in stop (deactivated).


All parameter values and timings of the controller are very easy to program by the user.

At all times the controller shows the state of the system, indicating the filter that operates, if it is paused or cleaning, the state of the inputs and if there is any output activated manually, and if the controller is in Stop. It also informs of the instantaneous circulating flow and the units of volume or time elapsed since the last cleaning.

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The controller shows the number of washes that have been carried out by "pressure drop" and "volume" or "time".

It also indicates the total volume of water that has circulated through the filters, or the hours that have run, since the last manual reset.


The controller has the following inputs:

  • For the differential pressure switch to detect the pressure drop in the filters (necessary for "pressure drop" starts).
  • For the detection of the water circulation through the filters with a signal from a controller, sensor, etc. (necessary for the starts "by time and pressure difference" and for the accumulated hours that the filtering installation has worked).
  • For the volumetric impulse emitter (necessary for "by volume" starts, information on the instantaneous and accumulated flow of the filtered water volume).
  • For the detection of faults in the installation.
  • For different options. 

The inputs can be assigned a detection delay timer to avoid unsuitable signals.



Models for 6, 12, 18 filters to control.


Version with 220 Vac power supply and 24 Vac outputs, incorporating a 2 A transformer.

Version with 12 Vdc power supply and outputs.

Version with outputs for latch solenoid valves (two or three wires) and low consumption. This version, due to the very low consumption of the controller and of the solenoid valves it governs, is very suitable for those installations that work with battery and do not have a diesel engine or solar panels to recharge it.

Version for filters with washing and rinsing. It can be for 2, 4 or 6 filters. Each filter uses three relays to govern the 5 precise hydraulic valves. The controller will ask for each filter the washing and rinsing time.


Format with the controller housed in a wall box with a transparent door.

Format with the controller housed in a box to be embedded in cabinets or desks.


The Agrónic Filtros complies with the CE marking directives.

The products manufactured by Progrés enjoy a guarantee of two years against any manufacturing defect.

Compensation for direct and indirect damage caused by the use of the controller is excluded from the guarantee.

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