Agrónic Web

Agrónic Web

Agrónic Web

Ideal tool for the analysis and optimization of irrigation and fertilization through the computer browser or tablet.

Available for the Agrónic 2500, Agrónic 4000 v3, Agrónic 5500, Agrónic 7000 and Agrónic Bit controllers.


2022 novelty:

The Agrónic Web evolves and becomes VEGGA.

Learn more about evolution.




Agrónic Web collects information on the status of sensors (soil, plant, climate, and consumption) connected to the controller and data from APIs and processes them to be visualized through graphs and records.

It allows for consultation, editing, and configuration of programs, sectors, pivots, external modules, fertilizers, filters, sensors, and conditions.

You can create maps of the installations and check the status of sectors, external modules, and sensors, and control actions on all of them.

Through multi-user management, the main user can create sub-users and give them different permissions (consultation, editing, and configuration) on all their controllers.

We have two types of account for the use of Agrónic Web:

Basic account - ideal for users who want to work with the basic functions of the equipment: consultation, editing and configuration, through lists or maps.

Professional account - ideal for users who need to manage a greater volume of irrigation data and sensors, since, in addition to the functions of the basic account, it incorporates more specific features.



If you have sensors at your site, you should use a professional account in order to be able to save your data and create graphics and records.


These are the features of the Agrónic Web:

Interactive map

where you can interact with sectors, external modules and sensors.

Consultation, editing and configuration

of programs, sectors, pivots, external modules, fertilizers, filters, sensors and conditioners.

Graphs by sector

of the state of the hydric balance (ETc - Applied irrigation - Rain) and of the available water (sensors of water content in soil, relativized).

Direct manual orders

to start or to stop, to leave out of service or to suspend programs, sectors, conditioners, filters, pivots and the equipment in general.

Notifications using confirmations

of breakdowns and important records

Unlimited logging and history

for professional account, or the last 7 days in basic account.

(professional account)

Water available

This may be used to view the thresholds for soil water content by sector.

(professional account)


In basic account, creation of up to 3 sub-users per equipment.

In professional account, creation of more than 3 sub-users per equipment (ideal for companies with a hierarchical structure).

(professional account)

More map views available

Necessary for farms with more than one land parcel.

(professional account)


Vapour pressure deficit data.

May be used as an indicator of water absorption and potential plant diseases.

(professional account)

Hydric balance

Used to note the difference between water loss through evapotranspiration and water entry through rain or irrigation

(professional account)

Evapotranspiration (ETo)

Used to learn how much moisture a plant has lost.

(professional account)

Dew point

Used to make decisions on foliar treatments and pest indicators.

(professional account)

Effective rain

Useful to know the amount of rainwater used by the crop.

(professional account)


Give access to a Master (farm manager or installer)

(professional account)

How does it work?

Users and sub-users

Agrónic Web

The main user can create several sub-users to which he will be able to give different permissions for each one of his controllers


Agrónic Web

The list of controllers is very useful to see on a single screen the status of all of them

General Map

Agrónic Web

The general screen allows you to view, manage and give direct orders, sectors, external modules and sensors

Irrigation map

Agrónic Web

Choose the type of information that the map should show.

In this case you can see the state in which the sectors are.

Available water map

Agrónic Web

Positions on the map, controller, external modules and sensors, and knows the status of all of them.

Complement maps

Agrónic Web

Positions on the map, controllers, external modules and sensors, and knows the status of all of them


Agrónic Web

It knows all the characteristics of the program: state of the irrigation, state of the fertilizer, calendar of irrigations, registers, assigned conditioning factors, etc. In addition to being able to give manual actions.


Agrónic Web

All the information of the sector in a single screen: state of the irrigation, instantaneous flow, quantity of fertilizer, detailed graphs, program in use and forecast of the next programs that will use it. In addition to being able to give manual actions.


Agrónic Web

Information on water pH and EC reading, type of fertilization, application being used, current program controlling fertilization, pre-irrigation, irrigation and post-irrigation information, programmed quantity of each fertilizer and current dosage status.


Agrónic Web

Information on the status of the defined filter groups, time for the next cleaning and differential pressure status. Possibility of carrying out manual actions on a group of filters from this same screen.


Agrónic Web

Status of all digital sensors, analog and counters. By selecting a sensor, more information appears about it: the conditions in which it is assigned, the history graph and its record of events and anomalies.


Agrónic Web

Information regarding the defined conditions: their state (active or not), the type of sensor used, the reference for it to be activated, the current reading of its sensor and, of course, the program it affects.

External Modules

Agrónic Web

With the color code you can quickly see the status of the "coordinator" and the modules, if they are communicating or if they have any errors.


Agrónic Web

Detailed information on how the pivot is working: the state in which it is working, start and duration of irrigation, position in which it is, forward speed, precipitation, irrigation areas and outdoor areas defined and, of course, record of all its actions.

Steps to be followedto use the Agrónic Web

Controllers and options
The Agrónic Web is available for the Agrónic 2500, the Agrónic 4000 v3, Agrónic 5500, Agrónic 7000 and the Agrónic Bit.
  • The controller must have the option "GRPS link", "WiFi link" or "Ethernet".

If the option is "GRPS link" you must also have a SIM card with M2M contract so that the equipment can connect.

In order to facilitate the configuration steps of the controller, with the purchase of the option, we deliver inside the controller a M2M SIM card with Movistar coverage.

See prices and modalities of the card.


  • In addition, they must have the option “Web Platform” or the option “Agrónic PC Program” activated”.

Configure the controller
Depending on the option, the configurations are different
  • For controllers with option "GRPS link" consult here:



  • For controllers with option “WiFi” or “Ethernet” consult the controller’s communications manual.

Register a controller in the cloud
The cloud is a data storage service through the internet that we use to store data from the controllers and be able to access it through the Agrónic APP and the Agrónic Web indistinctly.

Storing an controller in the cloud has an annual fee. See prices


Register a controller in the cloud


The steps to register a controller in the cloud are:

  • Create an account: It is necessary to create an account in order to register the controller in the cloud. To do this, you will need to log in to  and create an account in the “New Customer” section. If you have already registred before, you will need to log in to “Returning Customer”.

  • Type of account: In the form to create a new account, you will need to select the type of account you want to use: basic or professional.
    If you have sensors at your site, you should use a professional account in order to be able to save your data and create graphics and records.
    Please note that, if you create a professional account, all of your controllers will have the same type of account.

  • Register the controller: Once inside the account, in the section “Registering controller in the cloud” you will be able to register the controller.

  • Validate data: Once the registration is accepted, we will validate the information provided and if everything is correct within 24 hours (working days) you will receive an email confirming the registration of the controller in the cloud.




Go to Agrónic Web
With the username and password created in the previous step, you will be able to access the Agrónic Web and manage your controller remotely.


The annual fee for registering the first team to the cloud is 50 €/year.

The more devices you register, the lower the price per device.


If your equipment has the GPRS modem option and you want to use the SIM card supplied by default in the equipment, the price increases by 35 €/year without SMS and 60 €/year with SMS in Spain.

Other countries included 55 €/year without SMS and 100 €/year with 20 SMS/month.

Use Progrés SIM card?
Professional account?
From 1st to 3rd controller uploaded
50 /
From 4th to 6th controller uploaded
45 /
From 7th to 10th controller uploaded
40 /
From 11th to 25th controller uploaded
35 /
From 26th to 50th controller uploaded
30 /
From the 51st controller uploaded
25 /
Simulador de precios

Calcula con nuestro simulador de precios el coste final de dar de alta tus equipos en la nube.

How many equipments do you want to register?
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Go to Agrónic Web

Access Agrónic Web through the browser of your computer or tablet

introducing this address:



Módulos para el Agrónic Web

Register your equipment in the cloud from 50€/year and manage them anytime, anywhere from your mobile with the Agrónic APP application, or through your computer's browser or tablet with the Agrónic Web.

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