General sales conditions



Edition 8-2019





As manufacturers of irrigation controllers, we only supply to companies or professionals who are dedicated to installation of irrigation systems, previously homologated by us. See “Sale requirements”.





Two years warranty, from the sale date, against all manufacturing defects, excepting the equipment or accessories not made by us (identified with * in the current price list), which will have the warranty offered by the manufacturer, as long as the sticker that Progrés add remains intact.


The indemnification for direct and indirect damages caused by the use of the equipment or accessories manufactured or sold by us is excluded from the warranty.


Any controller which is manipulated, or its cards have been changed, will be exempt from warranty.

The warranty covers the repair, or replacement if necessary, of the damaged equipment at our facilities in El Palau d'Anglesola (Spain), where the equipment have to be sent to be repaired. We make no repairs or replacements "in situ".


Freight charges will be paid by the customer, although they are in warranty.





We do not accept material claims after 15 days from the invoice date. We do not accept returns of material after 1 year of its sale. The credit notes will only be made by controllers or their options, that have been not working. Software options marked as “It is activated by a code” in the Price List are not paid back.





The equipment to be repaired or extended must be sent to our facilities properly protected, and with a document with customer’s data, and information describing the problem detected with the equipment. Freight charges will be paid by the customer.


The options that you want to add in an equipment after its sale are always related to a specific controller through its serial number.


If the client requests a repairing budget, it will always be approximate, and we will not take over the possible difference in the cost. The repair will not be carried out until it has been accepted by the customer. In case of not receiving a response within 3 months, the material will be returned to its sender, without repair.


Once the equipment is evaluated, if the technicians decide that it is Non-Repairable, the customer will be informed, and the goods will be returned using the next shipment of material.


In no case we will store material from our customers for more than 1 year from its reception. If no news are received from the sender within this period, the material will be discarded in the most properly way.


Reparations have one-year warranty, except if equipment is more than 5 years old, when each case will be studied.



By raising an order or sending an equipment to repair or extend, you accept all conditions.